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Deebot N78D, the automatic vacuum cleaner that frees you from dog hair

Deebot N78D, the automatic vacuum cleaner that frees you from dog hair

In Italy there are over 15 million domestic animals living in our homes, about 310 million throughout Europe, almost one per inhabitant. The majority live within families, who love to play and walk their four-legged friends. Inevitably it creates hair and dust loss that makes frequent home cleaning necessary: ​​Ecovacs Deebot N78D takes care of all this.

Its direct suction function sucks the fur of the animals and stores it in the extra large dust container with which it is equipped. In addition, the innovative Ecovacs Robotics robot automatically cleans the floor with an integrated water tank.

Wet cleaning of parquet, laminate or tiles becomes a necessity when living with four-legged housemates who, upon returning from daily walks, inevitably leave dirt and dust around the house.

With the dry and wet cleaning system, the Deebot N78D takes care of washing and vacuuming floors in one work step. This was made possible by a specially designed washable microfibre cloth and a water tank that constantly moistens it that can be fixed to the robot.

Deebot N78D is also equipped with a remote control: just one touch is enough to start the robot which, thanks to an integrated timer, takes care of cleaning the house, even when you are out. The robot vacuum cleaners work independently and safely in all corners of the house.

The sensors allow the vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs without falling: every time the robot detects an edge, it simply changes direction and finds a new path.

Deebot N78D costs 240 euros and also on sale on Amazon.