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Deco M4, TP-Link's renewed Wi-Fi Mesh system arrives in Italy

Deco M4, il rinnovato sistema Wi-Fi Mesh di TP-Link arriva in Italia

We had already seen it at the IFA in Berlin in September and, as expected, today it arrives in Italy. The TP-Link Mesh Deco M4 WiFi system designed specifically for domestic environments, where between bulbs, TVs, sockets, cameras and other connected devices it is often difficult to have a quality connection in all rooms of the house.

The secret of TP-Link Deco M4 in mesh technology, which allows you to intelligently distribute resources between the different satellites that make up the network. Technically, therefore, a new peer-to-peer network is created, a sort of network of interconnected nodes, which allows a better balance between performance and reliability.

This eliminates the most common problems that can derive from poor signal strength, limited bandwidth or low transmission speed, but also from factors such as the type of home, the number of connected devices, the management of data flow and so on.

Deco M4, TP-Link's renewed Wi-Fi Mesh system arrives in Italy

Deco M4 allows you to go from one room to another, from one floor to another, go down to the tavern, go to the garden with your smartphone or tablet in your hand without the slightest interruption of the signal. The scalability of the coverage ensured by the possibility of adding up to 10 units of the Deco range to the network, all compatible with each other (Deco M5, Deco P7, Deco M9 Plus, Deco M4 and Deco E4).

The installation and management of the network facilitated by the Deco app (for Android and iOS), which also allows you to monitor network access and status wherever you are, change the connection priority parameters and guarantee the security of each access even for guests with the creation of the dedicated guest network.

And for parents struggling with their children's first Internet approaches, there is the Parental Control function, which allows you to create a user profile for each family member, blocking access to specific sites, determining appropriate time limits and defining bon rules. ton, for example no Internet when dining.

The AC1200 Deco M4 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Mesh system compatible with Amazon Alexa and with IFTTT and on sale in the main specialized shops at the retail price of 79.99 euros per single unit, the kit with two units has a price of 139, 99 euros while the one with three units costs 199.99 euros.