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Deck 3.5 for Mac OS X by Bias

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BIAS has released on the market the new release of the software for the management of digital multitrack audio, Deck 3.5.

The new version, which costs $ 399 USD, adds compatibility with Mac OS X and support for Apple's Core Audio and MIDI, OMF import and the ability to mix surround sources in real time.

According to BIAS vice president Jason Davies, "adding these new features makes Deck the ideal audio tool for digital video professionals. For those who use applications such as Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro, Deck 3.5 will become the ideal audio solution in the production packages of video professionals ”.

Being a native application for Mac OS X, Deck 3.5 takes full advantage of its features, therefore Core Audio and Core MIDI, and also supports multiprocessor Macs and optimized for the G4's Velocity Engine.

For Final Cut Pro 2 and 3 users, who already own BIAS Peak DV (included in FCP 2 and 3), BIAS offered a free upgrade to Deck 3.5 for those who purchased Deck 3.0 for $ 199 Dollars from April or the Deck 3.0 bundle / Peak 3.0 for $ 399 Dollars. Peak DV will also be included in Apple DVD Studio Pro 1.5.

Deck version 3.5 is also a free upgrade for users who purchased the full version of Deck 3.0 after October 1, 2001.

(By Daniele Volpin)