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Dealers confused by the display strategy

Dealers confused by the display strategy

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onfusion, concern and even a little bit of resentment. These are the feelings of retailers and users of the Mac platform on the choices made in the field of monitors by Apple in the field of monitors and translated into practice with the release of the new range and new machines during the last MacWorld Expo. The Cupertino company in fact has canceled the entire CRT line preceding the Expo and released two new products, a traditional 17 ? screen and a 15 ? liquid crystal screen. Two excellent products made with an innovative design, but with a not inconsiderable flaw: they work only with the new machines released in New York that have the new ADC connector, Apple Display Connector. The door, which we talked about for a long time in recent days, is nothing but an integrated system that provides the monitor with power, signal and a USB channel. A brilliant idea, but also a proprietary one, which is unlikely to be adopted in the PC world. This means that the new Apple monitors cannot be used except on Apple machines by cutting, inexplicably, a good slice of the market to market such stylistically interesting products. innovative. The choice has baffled some retailers who want to remain anonymous and who have expressed their displeasure to Macity. The new monitors are excellent, beautiful, but this absurd choice of a proprietary connector runs the risk of reducing their market. In the past we have sold many Apple monitors to PC customers too. He liked the style, as in the case of the first flat panel. Now we can no longer do it. Apple should understand that it must try to expand its market share by adopting systems that offer maximum compatibility without reducing it. We admit that the idea of ??just one cable for the connection of the good monitor, but they had to think also of an adapter for PC machines or even simply for machines older than those presented in July. The disappointment is already grafted onto a controversy that arose in the past weeks when at the release of Cinema Display retailers soon realized that the monitor could not be connected to normal VGA sockets. "This cost us display sales – some retailers complain – we had to decline a couple of contracts for people asking for" representation monitors "to be used on PC computers. If Apple thinks that this will increase CPU sales, they are wrong. Nobody throws a PC to buy a Mac for the sole purpose of using an Apple monitor. "To add insult to injury at the release of the G4 Cube it was also discovered that the Cinema Display does not work with the new Cubes, another blow to retailers. "Another questionable choice – some of our retailer friends told us – the Cube and the Cinema Display are a perfect pair. Too bad not being able to sell them together "Some American sites have suggested the launch of some adapters that would make the new monitors compatible even with old Macs and PCs, but the operation is not easy. The connector should have a power input, a separate USB port and a signal cable. Its engineering would make it similar to a mini-hub and perhaps would also recommend its development as such. Its cost would end up not being irrelevant. But there is no doubt that the situation, especially through third-party initiatives, will be resolved.

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