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DCAD VectorSpace: online demo available

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DCAD VectorSpace: online demo available –

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The user who wants to know the new software for the architectural design presented this year first at the Digital Culture of Bellaria then at SAIE and Smau, will find all the resources divided into separate files to facilitate even those who do not have broadband. important to download are 80-page demos, readme and illustrated tutorials. The demo contains all functions except external export and copy-paste; it also activates printing, albeit indicated by a "Demo" watermark. Its functionality will end on January 31, 2003.

Here is the presentation of the software from Bitwave: “DCAD VectorSpace is a CAD oriented to design, whose modeling characteristics make it very versatile and particularly fast. DCAD VectorSpace, using a palette of parametric dialogue tools and a very simple interface, allows remarkable design speeds both in 2D and in 3D, in order to automatically obtain final tables with plans, sections, orthogonal and perspective views, all with rendering photorealistic or vector. This product allows you to create and present projects with a speed and a level of compatibility with the standards superior to other competing products. The compatibility of DCAD VectorSpace with the existing graphic formats is so high that we want to underline a peculiar feature: it is the first CAD that allows you to work directly on native AutoCAD files and that allows you to share them in a single project file in Workgroup.DCAD VectorSpace the result of the synergies of three companies, the US DOTsoft Inc., the South American GraphiCAD CA and the Italian Virtual Lab Sas, which have been on the market for over ten years with products such as DenebaCAD and GEO 3D and who have decided to combine their technologies in the corporation called Sinthetic Technologies, creating an innovative and high-profile product, which therefore brings together in itself the versatility of a modeler, an incredible speed of redesign and a parametric design technology with decades of experience. "

Download can be made from the Bitwave website

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