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Danger Fake news about the elections, Italy asks for help from Facebook

Fake News Italian Elections Matteo Renzi

With the elections in a few months, the Italian government worried about Fake News asks for help from Facebook and other social media to avoid them

With the elections in a few months, anxiety rises over the possibility that Italy may become the next target of a destabilizing campaign of fake news and propaganda, which prompted the government to ask for help from Facebook and other social media .

Danger Fake News on the Italian elections, a request for help to social networks

"We ask social networks, and in particular Facebook, to help us have a clean election campaign," he said in an interview on Thursday Matteo Renzi, the leader of the Democratic Party. "The quality of democracy in Italy today depends on an answer to these problems".

The Fake news have already influenced the elections abroad

In a global atmosphere already full of suspicions of interference in the elections in the United States, France and Germany, as well as in the British referendum for Brexit and the Catalan independence movement in Spain, many analysts believe that Italy is a weak link in an increasingly vulnerable European Union.

Fake news in the election, worried the Democratic party

No one in Italy is more concerned about the ruling Democratic Party. In recent days, its members have made an orchestrated attempt to focus the country's attention – and powerful social media platforms like Facebook – on a disinformation campaign they believe was designed to harm one of the last center-left governments in Europe.

Matteo Renzi points the finger at Fake News

Fake News Italian Elections Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi worried about the Fake News in the next elections

Renzi, a politician who points the finger at online disinformation campaigns and fake news, as an important part of the failure of the referendum that forced him to resign in December, is not just trying to protect himself, but also to go on the offensive.

The electoral battle on Fake News has already begun

Government officials have reported the presence of images on websites supporting the Five Star Movement that have falsely implied the appearance of a government minister at a funeral to make it look like it was in mourning for the mafia chief Tot Riina.

Fake news on the World Cup missed by Italy

In addition, a video showed Renzi at a one-year old press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a false translation of Mr. Putin's Russian made it appear that he was blaming the Italian government for the failure of the national football team to qualify for the World Cup this month.

Ghost Data and fake News

The New Your Times reports that Andrea Stroppa, a researcher for a company called Ghost Data who advises Renzi on IT security issues, has contributed to a report on false news that has become one of Renzi's main points of discussion. After the publication of the report, Facebook has closed some sites that have been trafficked into false news in favor of anti-immigrant nationalists.

Fake News in the elections, a Facebook Task Force coming to Italy

Facebook representatives have told Italian officials that they are planning to send an Italian task force of fact controllers to address the problem of fake news