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D-Link expands the range of Industrial Switches

DLink Industrial Switches

The range of D-Link Industrial Switches is enhanced by the new DIS-100E models of unmanaged, robust and reliable Fast Ethernet Switches

D-Link, a leader in wireless technology and video surveillance, announces the availability of the new series of DIS-100E Industrial Switches, the range of unmanaged, robust and reliable Fast Ethernet Switches, available in the DIS-100E-5W version, with five 10 / 100BaseT (X) ports and in the DIS-100-8W version, with eight 10 / 100BaseT (X) ports .

The DIS-100E series industrial switches are simple to install, withstand extreme environmental conditions with temperatures between -40C and + 75C, require minimal maintenance and have a high resistance to vibration and shock.

For these reasons they are suitable for installation in complex areas, such as roadside or vehicle cabins, and are perfect for businesses, public administrations and transport operators, to support the growing demand for innovation in industrial automation and industry 4.0 and smart city.

The Industrial Switches are designed for installation on a DIN rail or wall and incorporate 5 or 8 Fast Ethernet ports capable of supporting standard industrial applications.

THE'uptime of the network guaranteed through the redundant power supply input of the Switches, while a relay output allows to be informed of faults and interruptions in the power supply.

The DIS-100E series of Industrial Switches is the latest addition to D-Link's Industrial Ethernet range. This reinforced range includes Managed and Unmanaged Gigabit switches with a variety of port configurations, intelligent service quality and advanced security, and supports rapid network recovery of less than 20ms to reduce downtime.

DLink Industrial Switches