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Cydia makes its way on Android with Mobile Substrate

Great news for the world of Cydiabut strangely, it has nothing to do with iOS, but with Android. Yes, you read that right, Android. The creator of Cydia, Saurik, released an adapted version of the Mobile Substrate for Android and created a new one place lose its new project.

mobile2 "width =" 293 "height =" 172 "srcset =" // 293w, // uploads / 2013/05 / mobile2-150x88.jpg 150w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 293px) 100vw, 293px "/> What this means for users <strong>Android</strong>? It means that many of your favorite apps and tweaks present on <strong>iOS</strong> can be used on <strong>Android</strong>, after a careful revision (<strong>Winterboard</strong>  already available). To enable support on the Android device, you must first format the device. According to the support website <strong>Cydia</strong>, <strong>Substrate</strong>should work with a variety of devices <strong>Android</strong>, ranging from <strong>vers. 2.3</strong> a <strong>4.2</strong>.After obtaining the <strong>root permissions</strong> to the device, it is necessary to install the<strong>APK</strong>, run the application, click <em>Install</em> and access to <strong>Substrate</strong> with permits of <strong>superuser</strong>. THE'<strong>APK</strong> can be downloaded directly from <strong>Cydia</strong> created specifically by <strong>Saurik</strong>.</p><div class=

mobile3 "width =" 264 "height =" 191 "srcset =" // 264w, // uploads / 2013/05 / mobile3-150x109.jpg 150w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 264px) 100vw, 264px "/> But what could it be? <strong>Cydia</strong> up <strong>Android</strong>? Developers can already modify the Google operating system to their liking, but thanks to <strong>Mobile Substrate</strong> everything can happen in a simpler way, without having to deal with the source code. The pourpose of <strong>Saurik</strong>  in fact that of creating an interface between the programmer and the operating system, which can make the creation of more simple and immediate <strong>tweak</strong>, as it already happens on <strong>iOS</strong>.The road is now leveled and very soon too <strong>Cydia</strong> for <strong>Android</strong> will be populated with thousands of <strong>tweak</strong> already present on <strong>iOS</strong>. What do you think about it?</p>