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Cut videos in Windows 10 without external apps or programs

cut video windows 10 photo app

Cutting and editing videos has now become a really common operation, which may be necessary in many circumstances (videos with friends, videos of the holidays or some event or to eliminate some embarrassing scenes forever). This operation is so common that Microsoft has seen fit to do so directly from Windows 10, without the need to install additional programs or apps.

Not everyone knows of the existence of this possibility and often opt for a basic video editing program, or for using awkward online tools to cut videos.

Cut videos using the Windows Photos app

The new Windows image and video viewer is called Photoand a really complete app, it allows not only to make basic changes to your snapshots (apply filters, modify balance, exposure and brightness), but also create videos from these.

Just with Foto, cut a movie a real child's play, you just have to:

  • open the video to be edited with the Photos app (to do so, you can press on the file with the right mouse button, then in the contextual menu, select β€œOpen with"And then the app"Photo");
  • once the video has been opened, it will be sufficient to click on the top right on the item β€œEdit and create"And then up"Cut it";

cut video windows 10 photo app

  • at this point a window will open with a slider at the bottom with two tabs that can be moved to the right or left to change the beginning and end of the video;
  • after the modification, you can click on the button at the top leftSave with name”To save the result.

app photo windows 10 saves as changes

All you have to do is choose which folder to save the video cut to get the movie file so modified.

The photo app is not just limited to this type of editing, but also has other advanced features, which you can find out in the next few paragraphs of this guide.

Insert the Slow motion into a video

Another interesting feature to use in the Photos app in Windows 10 slow motion in our videos, perfect to exploit to highlight particular pieces of a video. The slow motion is the typical slow motion that can have hilarious effects and make our clips special.

Apply the very simple effect, you need to:

  • open the video in Photos (you can press on the file with the right mouse button, then in the contextual menu select β€œOpen with"And then the app"Photo");
  • open the video with the app, baster click again with the right button at any point of the chosen movie and press β€œEdit and create"And then up"Add slo-mo";
  • at this point, a window will open with a slider at the top to choose the speed of slow motion and at the bottom another slider with two white tabs with which to start and finish the video from where you prefer and two colored tabs that allow to establish the start and end point of the slow motion effect;

app photo windows 10 slow motion

  • after the modification, if you are satisfied with the result, you can click on the button at the top left "Save with name".

Other features of the Photos app

The Photos app has many interesting (and often ignored) features dedicated to creativity and editing movies:

  • you can save individual frames with the "Save photo";
  • you can customize the video by adding music, custom audio, 3D effects and more, using the voice "Create video with text";
  • you can add beautiful text with the function "Add animated text"Also by clicking on the appropriate tabs ("Footage" is "filters") You can also insert filters and transitions;

app photo windows 10 3d effects

  • you can add 3D objects and fun animations with the appropriate function "Add 3D effects".

In short, on the Photos application that Microsoft has added on Windows and which improves with each update, you can unleash your imagination in a very simple way and customize your videos in an important way.

If instead you want to get into the world of video editing, here is our guide with the simplest apps for editing videos on Windows.