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Custom Spotify playlists, focus on podcasts

custom spotify playlists

You can listen to the suggested podcasts in a new custom playlist based on your habits

Spotify custom playlists generally offer precise musical suggestions based on listening history. Some of that algorithmic magic is coming now too to podcasts, as Spotify has announced a dedicated playlist called "Your Daily Podcasts" that will complement the existing Discover Weekly and Daily Mix music lists.

The playlist will only appear when you have listened at least four podcasts in the last 90 days. Available in the dedicated area called "Your best podcasts" on the Home tab or in the hub "Made for you" within the app. This is a trial that will not initially be available in all countries. It has begun for now in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

YouTube Music Playlist: Discover Mix arrives

The popular streaming service, at the beginning of 2019, predicted that over time the non-strictly musical content would have represented 20% of the total audience. And he started at invest in podcasts. At the end of August, thanks to a Twitter indiscretion by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it emerged that the company also tested a button to simplify the procedure for creating a new podcast.

Custom Spotify playlists, make podcasts

It is called ‘Create your podcast’ and aims to allow anyone to make your own podcast directly from your smartphone, greatly facilitating the procedures for all those who want to venture into this world. At the moment there are no details on the distribution of this feature globally.

custom spotify playlists

According to the latest updated figures for the October quarterly, Spotify has a catchment area of 248 million active users monthly and 113 million paying subscribers. According to the company of Daniel Ek 14% of its users started listening to podcasts, with the United States accounting for the largest share of streams. Spotify has launched podcasts for the first time in 2015.