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Custom iPhone ringtone: here's how

Custom iPhone ringtone: here's how


How to set ringtone on iPhone. How to customize the ringtone on iPhone Personalized ringtone on iPhone: complete guide

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Today we're going to see how to go about it change and customize the ringtone on iPhone.

With the new versions of iOS, in fact, Apple has introduced new ringtones on their smartphone, but undoubtedly use custom ringtones another matter entirely. If you too are tired of always hearing the usual boring and classic ringtones on iPhones, then, today I will explain how to use custom ringtones on iPhones and how to set a ringtone on iPhones.

The very simple guide will allow you to change the melody and ringtone of your smartphone: in this way, for example, you can use any song or any MP3 song as a ringtone for iPhone calls.

After this brief introduction, let's see how to set ringtone on iPhone.After reading this guide you can say goodbye to the classic ringtones of your iPhone and you can set and activate any other custom ringtone: when friends chat, hear your favorite song right away that will start ringing.

The following guide, of course, will also explain how to go about it use any song as a ringtone on your iPhone.

Now enough with the chatter and let's start with the guide.

I state that there are various methods to set a ringtone on iPhone and use a custom ringtone on iPhone, but in this guide we will see the easiest and fastest method. If you don't want to buy (and pay dearly) new ringtones, the method you find below perfect for create new ringtones for iPhone in an easy, fast and free way.

First of all you have to get the MP3 file of the song that you want to use as a ringtone on iPhone. Once this is done, go to the MP3Cut website, which allows you to "cut" the song so as to select only the refrain or in any case the part you want to use as a ringtone. It is useless, in fact, to have a ringtone from 3 minutes and beyond: better to cut the song and use a song of about 40 seconds.

Once the song is cut, save it on your PC or Mac by selecting the "iPhone ringtone" option. In a few moments your ringtone will be downloaded for free to your PC or Mac in a format compatible with iPhone.

The final file must be in m4r formatto be compatible with iPhone.

Once this is done, all you have to do is open iTunes and import the ringtone first into the program and then onto your iPhone.

To do this, go to iTunes under Ringtones and drag and drop the m4r file into the software window to add it to iTunes ringtones. Now you just have to connect iPhone to the computer, select the device from the top bar of iTunes, go to the "Ringtones" tab, check the item "Synchronize ringtones" and "All ringtones" and click on the "Apply" button.

In this way the ringtone will be copied to the iPhone and you can activate it manually quickly and easily.

Well, we have concluded. Here's how to set up a custom ringtone on iPhone.

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