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Custom database with FileMaker 6

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Custom database with FileMaker 6 –

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Filemaker released the Developer version of FileMaker 6 yesterday.

This is the developer version of FileMaker Pro 6, released in early July and as the latter can be installed on Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X.

Among the major novelties we point out Script Debugger (to test the solutions created), Database Design Report (assists the developer with various useful tools to document the structures), Developer Tool (this renewed version allows the change of database names without losing the necessary links between the parties) and XML input and output support.

The Developer version of FileMaker 6 was released yesterday at a cost of $ 500 but there is a $ 100 rebate in the new product boxes for those who prove they have previously purchased FileMaker Developer 5 or 5.5 or FileMaker Pro 4.0 Developer Edition (upgrade valid until 31 December 2002 and not applicable to members of the FSA – FileMaker Solutions Alliance).

The offer currently valid for the North American market (Worldwide English); we are waiting to hear from the Italian branch the prices in euros and any upgrade offers.

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