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Cubetrix 3D: geometric puzzle on iPhone and touch

Cubetrix 3D: geometric puzzle on iPhone and touch –

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In Cubetrix 3D we have to destroy all the 3D cubes on the screen using a few simple commands. On the iPhone and touch screen we have a grid made up of well-designed and colored 3D cubes. By controlling the movements of a single cube we must be able to position it in the best way to compose rows of identical cubes, and then explode them. The game rules as well as the controls are simple: two buttons to move the cube left or right, a button to push the cube.

The curated graphics in each section of the game and the animation of cubes offer a fun gaming experience that will not fail to fascinate fans of brain-bending games. In fact, despite the presence of only three rules and three control buttons, completing the destruction of the cubes will prove to be not always an easy task. Cubetrix 3D can be played in two modes and in 3 different difficulty levels.

In addition to the screenshots of the game we insert a YouTube video of the developer that illustrates the game mechanics and captivating graphics. Recall that Cubetrix 3D on offer on the App Store for 1.59 euros.


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