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Creative is "inspired" by the iPod: Nomad Jukebox Zen

The success of the iPod is urging Creative, currently still the leading manufacturer of MP3 players, to go directly to Apple.

During the day yesterday, in fact, the company known worldwide for its Nomad series presented a model that is inspired by shape and performance, precisely to the iPod.

The Nomad JukeBox Zen, this is the name of the player, in fact built around a 20 GB HD and contains software that allows synchronization with a computer. It also has an easy navigation system, a metal case and also a firewire connection as well as USB.

According to Creative it would be an unbeatable opponent for iPod, given that it costs 40% less and that it contains 8000 songs (but encoded according to the Microsoft standard, the 80 kbps WMA)

In reality, there are many differences with the iPod, but not all in favor of the Creative reader.

For example, the Jukebox is placed on a much lower level of sophistication. Just think that HD is a normal 2.5-inch subnotebook HD. On the contrary, that of the iPod is a much smaller and lighter Toshiba 1.9-inch HD. The result that the Creative product is less expensive (40% less than the iPod underlines the manufacturer), but also heavier and larger.

The result that those who want something really innovative and do not have savings as their main objective will probably continue to choose the iPod, as some analysts and experts in the sector note.