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Create animated GIFs online: the top 5 sites

creare gif animate

create animated gifs

Perhaps not among your priorities, however it can sometimes be useful to be able to create animated gifs. That is non-static images, but able to change with the passage of time. Animated gifs are like simple and short videos made up of animated images, which however are constantly and automatically reproduced. To search for gif online, all you have to do is go to the many dedicated portals (http: // / for example) or simply by combining your search keys on Google images with the word ".gif".

However, if you do not find ready-made images that meet your needs or if you are particularly creative, I decided to select a list for you the 5 best sites to create free animated gifs online. You will probably also be interested this guide for create animated GIFs with Photoshop if you are familiar with this software.

5 sites to create animated gifs online

As usual below you will find the list of the best sites forcreate gif online, which you can access by simply clicking on the link name, without any registration. I hope it can be useful.


With the software made available by this site, you will be able to create online gifs by performing operations that will be very simple even if you were completely foreign to this format of images. All you need to create your first animated gif will be to know search for images that interest you from your computer. Click on "UPLOAD PHOTOS”And select your images on the computer. After loading them, you have to load more than one, click on "Create GIF"And you will immediately have your animated GIF.FreeGifMaker

Now you can download it to your computer, share it on social media or send it to a friend. You can also convert a video from Youtube to GIF or add effects to the GIF.

LINK |FreeGifMaker


Also with this site you can create your wonderful animated gifs for free and very simply. Everything will be possible by importing the images you want to appear in sequence in the gif. You can select effects and scroll speed. Finally, click onCreate animation.

LINK |Picasion



As in the previous sites, thanks to Gickr you can easily create wonderful animated gifs. You can choose the size, the scroll speed, import the images you want to appear in sequence and download them.

LINK |Gickr



I believe this is the most complete site among those mentioned in this ranking. In fact, besides having a very attractive graphic and allowing you to create your animated gifs starting from the photos on your PC, thanks to MakeaGIF you can do much more. The following features are available: Video to create a GIF, Webcam to make a GIF, YouTube to GIF Generator. I leave it to you to try them, I assure you that you will find yourself really well.



This very valid site has nothing to do with the advanced features of MakeaGIF, but it is very minimal and simple to use. Highly recommended in case you don't want or have time to experiment and you want to create an animated image in a few simple and quick steps.


Well, the list on the sites forcreate gif online ends here. I hope you find it useful, obviously in case of doubts, requests or suggestions do not hesitate to comment!