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Create a USB flash drive to install MAC OS X Mountain Lion

Create a USB flash drive to install MAC OS X Mountain Lion


Create a USB flash drive to install MAC OS X Mountain Lion

In previous articles we have seen how to download the new version of OS X Mountain Lion on our MAC and how to install it on unsupported MAC.

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Install OS X Mountain Lion on Mac not supported

Now let's see how create a DVD or USB stick to install or update our MAC with the latest version of the Made in Cupertino operating system.

The guide obviously must be performed on a previous version of MAC OS X Mountain Lion and you need an Empty DVD support or a minimum 8 Gb stick that will be used to transfer the Mountain Lion image.

How to install Mountain Lion on MAC from USB stick

Necessary material:

  • USB stick with minimum 8 Gb
  • The image of MAC OS X Mountain Lion

Let's begin.

  1. Mount the .dmg image of Mountain Lion previously downloaded, navigate to the Applications folder and look for the downloaded file and click on Install MAC OS X Mountain Lion, right click on the file and select Show package content, Open the folder Contents and go in SharedSupport. Finally double click on the file InstallESD.dmg in order to mount the disk image.
  2. The USB flash drive you have must format it from the Disk Utility of your MAC OS X Lion by selecting the USB flash drive from the list of devices in the left column and then select the tab in the upper right column Initialize selecting the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  3. Now let's proceed with the transfer of the Mountain Lion .dmg image to the USB stick. Click on the USB stick with the right mouse button and select the Restore option. A window will open where in the left column you will have to transfer the Mountain Lion .dmg image to the Source field. Now always transfer the formatted USB flash drive to the destination field in the left column, checking that the Initialize destination option is ticked and click on restore
  4. Wait for the process to end and turn off and restart the MAC with the USB stick inserted holding the ALT key to select MAC OS X from the Boot screen

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