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COVID-19 Apple wants to avoid delays in the introduction of the new iPhones

COVID-19 Apple wants to avoid delays in the introduction of the new iPhones

In recent weeks we have talked several times about how Apple is dealing withglobal emergency caused by the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. Various reports have reported that the Cupertino house is having problems in the supply chain and product development. This fact, plus l'Economic uncertainty linked to coronavirus have made us think that most likely therelease of the new iPhone 12 it could be postponed for a few months. Now, a Wall Street Journal article adds further details to the current situation by explaining how the company is trying to organize itself to overcome this moment.

Covid-19 Apple

COVID-19: Apple wants to avoid delays

There have been conflicting reports that the iPhone 12 may be delayed. Nikkei, in a note that we presented to you days ago, said that Apple is thinking of delay the product due to economic uncertainty. Other reports have indicated that, as of now, theiPhone 12 still on the program in the fall of this year. Doubts also on new iPhone 9 or iPhone SE which, according to some rumors, will be released in days. The announcement, most likely, will happen as happened for the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air a little muted.

Unfortunately, the general fear that although part of Apple's supply chain has restarted operations in China, the COVID-19 pandemic and its blockages in the United States and the rest of the world may complicate development of the product. As of the past few weeks, the Wall Street Journal says, Apple is getting re-organizing to avoid delays in the production of its products. The Cupertino company is allowing hardware engineers from for the first time in its history bring home prototypes of unpublished products, allowing them to work from their home. The staff who cannot go to China, however, have resorted "to the use of video calls to collaborate with Chinese colleagues in the assembly of iPhone prototypes".

The report also reiterates that Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, regularly keeps in touch with employees via email, noting that Apple "prepared for this moment and will continue to invest in the future". An analyst pointed out, however, that iPhones or other Apple products that could remain unsold will go to affect the margins a lot of profit of the company, for this the Californian company will have to evaluate its moves well.

Source 9to5Mac