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COVID-19: Apple and Google work together on contact tracking

COVID-19: Apple and Google work together on contact tracking

The global emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic it has led governments and health authorities around the world to work together to find solutions that counter the spread of the virus. Scientists around the world are studying to find solutions that they can fight the virus is save lives In this spirit of collaboration, technology companies have also made their contribution, we already know that Apple has closed all its stores in the world, except for China, but that's not all.

Google and Apple they announced last Friday that they are working together to create a system that can track the spread of the new coronavirus. Thanks to a special app approved by healthcare organizations, the two American giants are working to track the spread of the virus via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It must be emphasized that all this is being studied, always taking into consideration the privacy and security of users.

COVID-19: Apple and Google partner to track contacts

Find the people who can be asymptomatic but positive e trace contacts of positives a practice useful to contain the spread of the virus. The two companies are launching a "solution" that allows you to track contacts so you can map and contain the spread of the virusNumerous public health authorities, universities and NGOs around the world have done important work to develop a contact tracking process.

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