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CoverFlow, the freeware to see the covers of iTunes


Impress friends with the "Apple like" style of CowerFlow. The application takes care of searching for all the covers of the disks that you have patiently inserted into yours and reorganizing them with a style absolutely in line with the last model chosen by Apple for example for FrontRow.

In this way you can simplify the way you browse through your albums, make the experience more similar to that of those who still (but still exist?) Use large libraries of real CDs and – above all – experience the thrill of a new interface, very natural, to be combined with the use of digital music.

Needless to say, the application itself drives the use of iTunes and thus makes the experience even more complete. Download from this page.

Finally, if instead you are a little short of covers for your music, there is this useful Dashboard widget that allows you to search for the covers you need in a simple and free way through Amazon, and quickly add them to iTunes. And of course free …