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Coronavirus: Samsung smartwatches have a reminder to wash your hands

coronavirus app for washing hands samsung

It's called Hand Wash and offers a 25 second timer for hand cleaning as well as monitoring how many times a day the operation is performed

In an attempt to reduce the chance of COVID-19 infection, Samsung has developed an app for its smartwatches that will remind users to wash their hands more frequently. Following the example of Google's Wear operating system, Samsung's Galaxy Watch wearable devices are combining global efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus with a new app designed to fortify and maintain personal hygiene habits.

The app is called simply Hand Wash and has the goal of reminding users to wash their hands and help them in this process. After configuring it, in fact, Hand Wash will notify the user to wash his hands according to the pre-set preferences and,using a 25 second timer, will assist him during washing.recorder whenever hands are washedand show the user all the statistics divided day by day.

Coronavirus, the app to wash Samsung's hands

coronavirus app for washing hands samsung

The app designed to help users wash their hands for at least 25 seconds in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, a little less than the 40 seconds that Google used for its Wear timer, but 25 seconds is the time to kill viruses while using soap.There is also a graph showing how many times you wash your hands each day and the average of the week.The Hand Wash app will also remind you to wash your hands periodically. I'm 8 reminders by default, but you can add more or delete up to 3 reminders.

Samsung has officially announced this app only in India, but it will also be active for owners of Galaxy Watch and Active 2 in the United States.smartwatchWear OS, must be installed manually.