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Coronavirus effect, Foxconn sales down 12%

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Foxconn's first quarter sales fell 12% year-on-year, certainly due to the freeze due to the ongoing pandemic. The company announced it officially today.

The coronavirus epidemic in China, which coincided with the celebrations for the new year that began on January 25, brought many workers out of the region, who found themselves unable to return home after the blockade. In early February, Foxconn then told workers that its headquarters, and one of its main iPhone factories, would not reopen after the holidays, and that workers were therefore allowed not to return to their jobs. .


When the company subsequently asked the government for reopening permission, it was initially refused. Its largest iPhone system, reopened only later, was reopened only with the presence of 10% of the workforce. As a result of the blockade, Reuters reports that Foxconn's first quarter sales fell 12% over the same quarter last year, an improvement in March. Revenue for January-March totaled $ 929.7 billion, down 12% from a year earlier.

The company previously revealed that February's revenue had fallen by 18%, but evidently the situation had already improved in March. At the moment there are also uncertainties related to the production of the iPhone 12. At first it was suggested that Apple is considering delaying the launch, although the latest rumors suggest that Apple is currently respecting the expected schedule and, therefore, should be able to launch and the new range of smartphones in September.

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