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Coronavirus: Apple Maps shows COVID-19 test locations

A feature introduced by Apple in the U.S. provides the location of test sites including hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities

Apple's efforts to help fight coronavirus continue. And technology can always help. This time the protagonist and the application Apple Maps. In the United States, the COVID-19 database became operational. What does this mean? Users will be able to search for coronavirus test location locations or view them directly on the map test locations will be displayed with a red medical glyph icon and a special banner on the Apple Maps tab.

Apple Maps indicates coronavirus test sites

Apple Maps will be able to display information such as the name of the place, the associated healthcare professional, the contact phone number and the website. It will also provide information on the typology of the test site (laboratory, hospital, etc.). Apple is also asking users to indicate if the coronavirus test site requires specific bureaucratic indications. This means that the banner can alert Apple Maps users if they have to make an appointment before showing up for COVID-19 tests or if necessary a medical certificate.

Apple Maps shows coronavirus test locations

Apple on April 11 launched an online portal that allows healthcare professionals, laboratories, hospitals and other companies to register as COVID test sites 19. The "Apple Maps" team review each recording before allowing viewing of the approved sites on the application.

Already in the recent past, Apple has changed the results of the research to prioritize the relevant points of interest in times of coronavirus. Such as food delivery, hospitals and pharmacies. Also remember thatApple and Google have announced a significant partnershipper create contact tracking APIs in the iOS and Android operating systems. These new systems will help to monitor the spread of COVID-19 using the apps of the health service providers and the two American giants believe that the first version of the API will be available already in May.

Coronavirus: Apple produces visors for doctors

Last week, Tim Cook announced that Apple has donated over 20 million masks to healthcare professionals around the world and is also designing and donating face shields.

A constant presence of the Apple in the fight against coronavirus appreciated with the expectation that this new feature of Apple Maps will soon spread to other countries including Italy.