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Coronavirus and medicine, the Regions have almost 100 apps

Regional telemedicine for chronic patients

In the Coronavirus emergency, the Regions have almost 100 telemedicine applications available for chronic patients and those affected by Covid-19.

The Regions have equipped themselves to use almost 100 apps for cope with the Coronavirus emergency and not only. Thanks to technology, we try to provide chronic disease services and other issues in order to decongest hospital facilities. So, in a period in which the Immuni application came to occupy the first pages for potential privacy issues, in the meantime the individual territorial units have already moved towards digital.

Instead of having a single application at the National Health System level, the weekly report of the High School of Economics and Management of Health Services of theCatholic University highlighted the presence of 89 applications used by 17 regions and the only regions not present in the surveys are Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Calabria.

Remote coronavirus assistance

Regional telemedicine for chronic patients

These apps don't have the goal of tracking coronavirus infection, but they are telemedicine solutions, in order to monitor and assist patients even from a distance who, today, find themselves in home isolation and may have contracted the coronavirus or have other pathologies.

Analyzing in detail, 28 are the applications that monitor i Covid patients with the function of staying in contact with the patient daily and avoiding potential infections. This number is particularly high considering that some healthcare companies, albeit within the same region, have adopted different solutions to monitor and stay in touch with your patients. A real fragmentation that reflects individual differences in terms of methodologies and organization of healthcare structures.

Among the available applications, 57 they are the ones that offer the possibility of remotely managing patients with diabetes, problems cardiovascular is cancer patients. More 8instead, they are designed for use by the family medicine.

Overall, the difficulties associated with the Covid19 emergency are leading to one proliferation of regional applications. The variety of solutions present demonstrates one fragmentation for each individual location or healthcare company. In the long run, the goal will certainly be to redefine the solutions to be adopted and further accelerate the introduction of innovative solutions, possibly reducing the number of apps available.

App AlertLOM


Famous AllertaLOM, the clay app from the Lombardy Region with Civil protection. Regione Lombardia has created AllertaLOM, the app of Civil Protection alerts for smartphones and tablets, which allows you to always be updated on the alert status of your territory. AllertaLOM provides a dynamic view of the forecasts and alerts on the map, shows the evolution of the effects on the ground over a period of 36 hours and allows you to customize the receipt of the notifications of the issuance of an alert on the Municipality and on the risk of interest. LOM alert available for Android and iOS.