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Copy music and songs to iPad without using iTunes with PwnTunes

Copy music and songs to iPad without using iTunes with PwnTunes


DownloadPwnTunes: copy and transfer music, songs and MP3 to iPad without using iTunes | Transfer music and songs to iPad without iTunes

I think all Apple users have heard of the at least once tweakPwnTunes. For those unfamiliar with PwnTunes, I quickly remember thatPwnTunes a Cydia tweak that allows you to copy music, songs and MP3s (but also photos and videos) to iPad without using iTunes.

PwnTuines allows you to manage the import and export of data from your device without having to depend on iTunes: music, photos and videos are completely accessible through any computer (Windows and Mac).

As we know, usually to copy and transfer music and songs to iPad you need to connect iPad to PC / Mac and transfer music using iTunes. A procedure that is not really very fast and comfortable and that forces us to use Apple's software to better manage our music on the iPad.

If you too you are tired of having to use iTunes to transfer music and songs to iPad, PwnTunes is the solution for you, as long as you have Jailbreak on your iPad. Under normal conditions, for synchronize and transfer music from computer to iPad, necessary to use iTunes: if you don't want to go through iTunes and you have the Jailbreak, PwnTunes what is right for you. It is ideal indeed forcopy music to your iOS device directly from your computer without using iTunes.

Not only that, but this tweak will also allow you to copy music from any other computer directly to your iPad.

Let's take a simple example: you are at the home of a friend who has many songs and you want to copy them to your iPad. Unfortunately, without PwnTunes, it is not possible to do this, since you should still go through iTunes and synchronize your iPad with your friend's PC / Mac. A long and uncomfortable procedure. Wouldn't it be easier to be able to make a copy and paste to transfer music and songs on the fly to iPad? Here, with PwnTunes you can do it without problems. It will be enough for you connect the device to the PC / Mac and drag the songs directly to your iPad. Nothing could be simpler!

Another interesting feature of PwnTunes for iOS 8 the one that allows you toimport photos and videos directly from the Photos application. This program, in fact, also allows you to use your iPad as a USB mass storage device (as if it were a USB stick or an external hard disk in practice), offering the possibility of copying any multimedia file directly to iPad with a drag or with a copy-paste. Fantastic! It is the definitive tweak for turn iPad into a USB stick or a portable hard drive extremely versatile.

If you have an iPad with a lot of internal memory (64 or 128GB for example), this tweakPwnTunes must be absolutely present on your device to take advantage of iPad as a mass storage device to quickly transfer photos, videos and music without using iTunes.

This new version of PwnTunes also supports direct import of songs previously purchased through the iTunes Store.

I conclude by remembering that by synchronizing with iTunes following the use of PwnTunes for the transfer of music files, the latter will not be recognized and therefore will not be preserved. Finally, on Windows 8, unfortunately, I notice a bug in the MPT protocol that causes the wrong initialization of the file transfer procedure.

DownloadPwnTunes | Where to download PwnTunes iOS 8

PwnTunes compatible with iOS 8 was recently released on Cydia. It's a paid tweak, but you can download it for free for a limited trial period from Cydia's BigBoss rat.

If you want to download PwnTunes for free without paying the license, you can search on the BiteYourApple repo:

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