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CoPilot Live, GPS on iPhone now also controls music

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CoPilot Live, GPS on iPhone now also controls music – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new update for Copilot Live is consistent and interesting. The GPS navigator for iPhone, one of the most interesting in circulation, now perfectly integrated with the iPod section of the phone; in practical terms this means that when the car-mounted phone is active on the navigation application it is still possible to control the music. The controls to manage the playback volume, move forward and backward in the tracks are available directly within CoPilot even while we are traveling using the voice instructions of the GPS.

In addition to this functionality, CoPilot Live integrates a series of other improvements, among which there is an increase in GPS performance and the Clear Turn function which improves the display of intersections using the portrait mode. A good number of refinements suggested by user feedback were then introduced.

Alk Technologies, which develops the program, will soon launch another update with premium live services that can be purchased directly from within the program, text-to-speech voice instructions and much more.

The free update for all those who have purchased CoPilot Live; those who do not yet have the GPS navigator can buy it for € 39.99 (Italy maps) or € 79.99 (Europe maps).

Below are some new screens of the new version of CoPilot updated: to take a closer look at the interface and functions of this GPS navigator, we refer readers to this complete photo gallery created by Macitynet.

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