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Cook: "No one can compete with iPad"


"Nobody can compete with the iPad" Tim Cook, Apple CEO unleashed against Android, Eindos and Kindle Fire at the presentation of Apple data.

"No one can compete with the iPad". Tim Cook, in the press conference on Apple's financial data unleashed against competitors, indeed, stated that the iPad has no competitors; the others are too far apart in terms of numbers and functionality to consider them as competitors. Cook said the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet are just "tablets with limited functionality". "In terms of the competitive ecosystem, the iPad is an independent category," said Cook and "I don't think that users who want an iPad can evaluate these other devices". with economic analysts, Cook was no less "Last year was to be the year of the tablet, but it was the year of the iPad, and two years in a row that". noted that the sale of iPad is cannibalism that of Windows PCs, the CEO of Apple replied "We love that trend": "we love this trend". In short, there is something for everyone. Cook concluded by saying that Android for Apple is not a competitor, the 315 million iOS devices sold put the Apple far from any other company. "Not a two-man race, there is no comparison with the others. And we don't pay attention to others, we only care about being the ones in front of everyone. "The economic data, in fact, is impressive: 46 billion dollars in turnover with 13 billion in profits.