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Consul, the price war doesn't stop

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Consul, the price war does not stop – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Now you can not help but talk about price war in the consoles.After the moves of Sony and Microsoft, which are chasing each other on the market by continuously lowering the whetstone of their PS2 and X-BOX, Nintendo also comes into play. The Japanese company that has just launched its GameCube has in fact announced in these hours for the American market a drop of $ 50. The move comes unexpectedly because Nintendo had already made a similar choice a few weeks ago even lowering the price announced a few months before the official presentation of the GameCube on the market. At that time, at $ 199 the Nintendo console was the cheapest on the market and already below consumer expectations. Few expected, therefore, that after a little more than a month from the availability Nintendo would implement a new choice in this sense. But the market pressure of the two major competitors (which in addition to the rest also have a built-in DVD player) was obviously judged too strong. Hence the decision to cut the list. The parity at $ 199 of all three consoles, therefore, lasted little more than the space of a weekend. Now the cheapest is Nintendo's GameCube.

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