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Consul: the price war continues in Europe

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The war of the consoles continues and the "blast" for videogames fans continues.

During the day today, in fact, both Microsoft and Sony have announced reductions in the prices of X-Box and PS2, cuts that follow similar initiatives that took place in recent months.

Now to be affected by the measure, after the American players, are European customers.

Redmond, in particular, announced today that in Europe the estimated retail price of the Xbox video game system will be € 249.99 from 30 August 2002

"The video game industry is proving even more solid this year and we expect the new game consoles will be high on the lists of desired gifts," said Sandy Duncan, Vice President, Xbox Europe. 'We believe that Xbox will be at the top of the list of most desired gifts because of an advantageous offer. The gaming experience offered by Xbox is unrivaled. "

Duncan pointed out that with Xbox only, consumers will have the opportunity to choose from over 200 different titles (and over 300 are in development) and experience graphics, sound effects and music never before adopted in a video game console, in addition to the hard disk. built-in and the broadband adapter that allows you to play online thanks to Xbox Live, a new online game service soon available in Europe. "Convenience not only related to price," reiterated Duncan. "In addition to the advantageous price, we offer the most advanced hardware features as well as an incredible choice of games, all in one package."

A few hours earlier Sony had presented a new price list which set the minimum price of its PS2 at 249 euros.

Now the two consoles are placed in the same price range and compete on equal terms at least in this respect.