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Connecting from Windows to Mac OS X: nothing easier

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It is sufficient to choose the activation of some options after connecting the Mac with Mac OS X and the computer with Windows 98 or higher with a crossover ethernet cable or through a Hub or router.

Mac side Go to the Sharing control panel found in System Preferences – Document Sharing: press the "Activate" button – Enable FTP Access: select the check box to make it active – Take note of the IP number of the computer that you find immediately after the "address" IP ": in the form of a number XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Obviously you must have the possibility to enable the changes.

PC / Windows side After making sure you have started the network services on your Ethernet card (with the NETWORK control panel) Launch Explorer and write: ftp: // (email protected) /

dovenomeuser = username with which you logged on your Mac IP address is the number that you have previously registered

after entering the correct data, press enter: At this point you will be asked for a password: it is the one you use to log in to your Mac OS X user: enter it and you will have access to the chosen Mac user folder.

At this point you can read and write the archives on your hard disk starting from the user's "home" folder. Not only that, you can browse the sub-folders and transfer and for the PC browser window all the files to be and for the Mac. It's simpler than that … and unlike Samba it doesn't leave DS_Store files scattered everywhere.

Of this possibility and its variants also with the use of HotLine to speed up the connections we talk in this section of our forum.We advise you to consult all the MacInRete sention where we talk about different configurations and possibility of sharing archives. and peripherals.

Thanks to Rafal and the many friends who signaled us the tip.

Note: to avoid running into potential security problems, we recommend using it under strict access control and for the limited needs of transferring files from one computer to another, in the same room, in order to avoid running into potential security problems. , under the supervision of the owner of the computer with OS X. A connection of this type allows navigation in your computer at all levels and in all folders: if you have data to keep confidential, your direct access control is necessary.