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Connected and promoted, with WindTre plus Giga for distance learning

Connected and promoted, with WindTre plus Giga for distance learning

Offer students and schools the opportunity to connect better and faster. This is the objective of the WindTre Connected and promoted initiative. Connected and promoted, which WindTre announced on May 4, 2020, while the containment measures for the contagion from Coronavirus are loosening but the prospect of the reopening of schools remains very distant.

The schools and students will be the recipients of this offer.The company led by Jeffrey Hedberg will provide additional Giga schools for discounted Internet connection to participating schools.

Each school that joins the project will be able to request the activation of the 50 Giga option for you which will allow you to pay directly on your students' WindTre sims an additional 50 Giga per month for four months, at a total cost of 15 euros. This amount can be borne directly by the school, using the ministerial funds allocated to the remote school.

Connected and promoted, with WindTre pi Giga for distance learning

The 50 Giga option for you, which allows you to surf at the maximum available speed, is automatically renewed, free of charge, every month starting from the activation date and will be deactivated at the end of the 4 months. The promotion for WINDTRE customers with mobile rechargeable and will be activated only once.

Objective of Connected and promoted the approach of schools to their students, to facilitate distance learning and, in this period, reduce the distances between pupils and teachers, in order to create opportunities for sharing and socializing despite physical distance.

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