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Confirmed: Apple launches the used scrapping

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Official time: Apple scraps used machinery.

The launch of the offer, anticipated by our website for a few days, today even if the validity start date dates back to May 15.

The initiative called "Used computer, insured savings", allows you to recover a discount of up to € 400 for the purchase of a G4 if an old PowerMac is also awarded at the same time as the agreement is entered into.

The list of valid machines is very long and can be consulted directly on the Apple Italy website. In practice, almost all the PowerMacs produced from 1994 up to the beige G3 are included.

The discount, as mentioned, reaches up to 400 euros, about 800,000 lire, if you choose to buy a 1 GHz PowerMac G4 Dual Processor or it stops at 200 euros if you want a G4 800 MHz.

Apple with this initiative evidently tries to achieve two very specific purposes. Move the warehouses that appear on the G4, according to information collected by Macity, rather firm, and contribute to the renewal of the fleet in view of the strengthening of the marketing campaign on Mac OS X. The vast majority of "scrapped" PowerMacs are unable to run Mac OS X.

The initiative is valid until July 31, or while stocks last at all Apple authorized resellers.