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Confirmations: iPhone 9 and the iPad Pro with augmented reality camera in mid-2020

iPhone 9 e iPad Pro con fotocamera per realtà aumentata arrivano a metà 2020

iPhone 9, also known as iPhone SE 2 (although this name will never be used) will be released in the middle of next year and with it should come the innovative iPad Pro. The usually well-informed market analyst Ming Chi Kuo says a note circulated to its customers.

The news is actually both confirmations.

The release of iPhone 9, the "low cost" phone destined to take the place of the iPhone 8 in the Apple smartphone range, has been forecast for the middle of 2020 for some time. The hardware should really be a sort of reissue of the iPhone 8 with 4.7-inch screen and Touch ID, but inside there should be an A13 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

This operation would therefore be the same that Apple implemented with iPhone SE which was an iPhone 6s packaged inside the case and with the display of an iPhone 5S. In the case of what the logic says should be called iPhone 9, the hardware in part would be that of an iPhone 11 but the external appearance and different details would remember those of an iPhone 8. Kuo states that the presentation will take place at the end of the first quarter of 2020, so before the end of March.

Even iPad Pro, always expected to start in 2020, with a Time Of Flight camera not a novelty. Kuo, cited by MacRumors, had mentioned this device on several occasions and now reiterates the same rumors, adding that the launch date will be, as for iPhone 9, half of next year. Remember that time-of-flight cameras measure the time taken by a laser or an LED light to bounce off objects in the room, providing an accurate 3D map of the surrounding environment and would be useful for augmented reality. The same technology will probably also come on two of the iPhones that will be released in 2020.