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Competition: The best iPhone and iPod touch software for Macitynet readers

The Apple APP Store dedicated to the software for its touch devices is rapidly populating with programs: some are useful, others fun but there are also insignificant and repetitive ones. Macitynet has decided to use the collaboration of readers to report interesting programs with real reviews in which the quality and defects of the applications are highlighted

For every self-respecting contest there are prizes: every month from here to October the best reviews for each category will be awarded: Freeware and Paid software.

Here is the regulation.

To participate just enter the review possibly accompanied by screenshots in the appropriate sections of the forum that we have created and which already see the first participants with the analysis of games, utilities and interesting applications: this is the section for Freeware programs and this is the section for paid programs.

Open a new thread for every review you post.

Registration for the free forum.

For the best freeware review published by August 15th we have a Zcover case for iPhone (Edge and / or 3G) with car / sucker support and belt clip. For the second place a simple Zcover case for iPhone with belt clip .. For the best paid software reviews published by August 15th we have an Elgato Diversity USB tuner. For second place an Altec Lansing Orbit MP3 portable speaker.

By 22 August the jury, composed by the editorial staff of Macitynet will unquestionably judge the best reviews (for depth, originality, completeness, usefulness) and award the prizes to the winners.

The prizes of the following months will be communicated later but we can anticipate that there will be similar products by Elgato, Zcover and others and the competition will take place with a similar regulation obviously rewarding the reviews that appeared during the month. You can participate with a maximum number of 20 reviews per month in writing.Participants and winners of the previous month may participate without limit in the following months.

Links to external sites are not allowed except that of the application developer. Macitynet reserves the right to include its own link in the review to the APP Store for the reviewed application or other links to the APP store.

The communication of the winner will be made through our NEW Newsletter (with free registration) in the days following the choice and the winners must communicate their complete personal data and the address to which the prize will be sent.