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Comparing cameras: iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6

Comparing cameras: iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6


Comparing cameras: iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 are almost identical, apart from the obvious differences regarding the size of the display and the battery capacity, the real added value of the Plus version represented by the camera which, even if it has the same sensor as the smaller version, integrates an optical stabilizer. We have tried both devices and we can say that the optical stabilizer comes into play only in some conditions, such as low light or if we take photos when we are in strong motion, such as in the car.

As usual, Apple smartphones have a good sensor that combined with a software optimization allows you to give its owners truly spectacular photos. Below you will find a very in-depth comparison on the differences of the two cameras which he highlighted as the real differences are only in low light conditions where the iPhone 6 Plus gives its best with better focus and an ability to capture more light than its younger brother. in iPhone 6 Plus shots you notice less noise in the photos but in principle the differences are not so marked. I leave you at photo comparison between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

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iPhone 6 Plus (scene 6) "width =" 770 "height =" 577 "data-src =" -6.jpg

iPhone 6 (scene 6) "width =" 771 "height =" 578 ​​"data-src =" jpg

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iPhone 6 Plus (scene 7) "width =" 783 "height =" 587 "data-src =" -7.jpg

iPhone 6 (scene 7) "width =" 778 "height =" 583 "data-src =" jpg


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