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Comics brings hundreds of comics to the iPhone and touch

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Comics brings hundreds of comics to iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone and touch functions are fully used by the free Comics program to explore the comics available in the catalog, download them from the Web and display them on the screen in high quality of the Apple paperbacks. By installing Comics, we not only have a well-stocked newsstand available, but rather an entire library exclusively dedicated to comics, perfect for fans who chew English.

Comics and entire series with a list of publishers decidedly provided: the user has all the essential tools to look at the top 25, explore the catalog based on the title of the work, the name of the publisher, also based on the authors, by gender or based on the opinion received from readers. Hundreds of titles are already available, many of which are completely free. To start downloading simply create a new account at comixology, an operation that can be performed directly from the iPhone and touch screen. The software jumped today to the honors of the technological news in the United States due to the involvement in the catalog of the legendary Marvel publisher with all its comics and series, material not available for in our country.

The screen on the side shows the list of publishers available through the In App Purchase function for US readers, in which the name of Marvel stands out. In the other screens captured by Comics here in Italy the Marvel name is not included. The functions offered by Comics are able to make the happiness of any enthusiast, in any case, reading on the iPhone and touch screen is not without drawbacks: it is often necessary to rotate the inclination to better view the tables horizontally and vertically. Although it is possible to adjust the behavior and display of Comics from preferences, it is not disputed that a device with a larger screen would be more suitable for reading comics. Recall that according to recent rumors Apple would have contacted some comic publishers to prepare material to be published on the expected tablet.

Comics a free app on the App Store

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