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Codes and Reads: now 40 texts in one App for iPhone and touch

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Now in version 1.4, the Codes and Laws application makes available to iPhone and touch users a complete collection of the fundamental texts of the Italian legal system. Starting from the 20 books present in version 1.0, today Codes and Laws integrates 40 books in memory always at hand, a perfect solution for students and professionals. Below is the list of books:

Constitution, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Forensic Code of Conduct, Environmental Code, Procurement Code, Code of Private Insurance, Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, Consumer Code, Boating Code , Privacy Code, Industrial Property Code, Highway Code, Highway Code (Regulation), Private International Law; Biagi Law, Decriminalization Law, Bankruptcy Law, Justice of the Peace Law, House Rental Law, Imm. urban, notary law, law proc. Administrative, Copyright Law, Divorce Law, New Company Process, Workers' Statute; T.U. banking, T.U. of Local Authorities, T.U. of finance, T.U. of construction, T.U. registration tax, T.U. occupational safety, T.U. justice costs, T.U. on drugs, T.U. on immigration, T.U.L.P.S, T.U.L.P.S (regulation); In addition to the index of books, the user can perform searches by article, out of a total of over 9,600 articles, free searches by words on about 1 million and 300 thousand in databases. It is possible to store the articles in the Favorites section and also send the selected article via email. Recall that for articles of Constitution, Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure offer hypertext links.

Codes and Laws available on the App Store for 19.99 euros.