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Coca Cola gives iTunes songs

All confirmed: Coca Cola and Apple form an alliance for a promotion that will offer free iTunes songs to those who buy drinks produced by the Atlanta company. The announcement of the agreement, anticipated in recent weeks by the specialized online magazine "Brand Repubblic", was given during the day today by some financial sites and confirmed by Chris Burgrave, marketing director of Coca Cola Europe.

Reportedly the promotion, at least initially, will be of interest to Germany and England and provides for the possibility of having 70 million iTunes songs in Great Britain alone. The exact procedure of the competition, which starts in August, has not yet been specified; the sites that deal with the topic simply report that it will be necessary to transit on the Coca Cola site.

The reasons for the agreement are many. From the fact that the connection between music and carbonated drinks like Coca Cola has always been strong due to the fact that the new generations looking with great interest to the Internet and Coca Cola consequently oriented to follow its main audience in its tastes.

The alliance comes at the end of an unlucky experience for Coca Cola that in Europe had launched an online music store, only to close it due to the limited success. Burgrave himself said that in the face of what had happened it was obvious to everyone that it was better for Coca Cola to collaborate with iTunes than to try to compete with it.

For Apple, as is known, the one with Coca Cola is not the first experience of an alliance, with a prize contest included, with a company that sells carbonated beverages. Previously, a similar initiative had been launched twice in the US in collaboration with Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola's longtime rival.

Apple has not indicated whether the competition that it launches in Germany and England will be exported to other countries or even if the pact with Coca-Cola precludes similar initiatives with other competitors of the Atlanta giant.