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Cloud for free: the best services

Cloud gratis

Cloud for free

The advantages offered by cloud storage services are indisputable. In recent years the cloud has had a remarkable development in both business and private users, as it is used as a real tool for storing data. In a sense, it has replaced external hard drives. The success of cloud services, not only for business activities, but also for individuals, also due to the possibility of having all the files stored on them everywhere. Not to exclude the advantages of free cloud services especially for private users. You can get more or less capacious storage space for free. In this article we will see i best cloud for free to be taken into consideration in case you need them.

The best free cloud

Free plans are the most requested by those who don't need huge amounts of cloud storage space. With these services you can reach up to a capacity of 50GB, and in some cases even more. Despite being services cloud for free, security levels are absolutely not neglected, especially in the latter period.

To offer you the best information on this topic, I did a search to find the best and safest free cloud storage services, accompanied by an essential description of their characteristics.

MEGA – 50 GB

Mega among the free cloud services that offers the largest amount of storage space, reaching up to 50 GB, which for a free service not a little. Another good news, that this service relies heavily on security and data privacy, in fact all user data is end-to-end encrypted. What does the security of data on Mega mean? The files you upload to Mega, are encrypted even before they are sent to the Mega server, while the data will be decrypted after they are downloaded to your computer or mobile device, but not among the most secure systems, but for a free service already so much.

As we have said, this service is characterized by its ease of use, having the possibility of uploading your files as well as from your computer even from your smartphone or tablet and searching, storing, downloading, viewing, sharing, renaming or deleting files whenever you want, from any device, anywhere.

To make the service work, you need to download the Mega application on your devices, or on your computer (more convenient for uploading large amounts of files). Of course, if you need additional storage space, you can sign up for one of the monthly or annual passes offered.

LINK | Website | iOS | Android

HubiC – 25 GB

The second cloud service that I propose hubiC which provides 25 GB of free storage. This is a service that has its servers in France on 3 French OVH datacentres where the data is stored.

Even this very simple service to use it, you have a "hubiC" folder whose content is synchronized on all your devices. You simply need to copy any file to this folder and they are automatically saved to hubiC. The files become immediately accessible from your smartphone, tablet or web application.

Transfers between your devices and OVH servers are secure thanks to the SSL protocol. OVH puts its infrastructure at your disposal to guarantee an optimized transfer speed (based on the standards of your Internet connection).

LINK | Website | iOS | Android

Google Drive – 15 GB

The cloud service Google Drive among the best known and offers 15 GB of free storage space, which must also be shared with GMail and other Google services. After uploading them, you can access your files on Google Drive from any smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you go your files follow you.

In addition to storing your files, with Google Drive you can also quickly invite other people to view, download and collaborate on all the files you want, without having to send allegatemails.You can share files or folders and choose the people who can view them, edit them or add comments .

Storage space works with Drive, Gmail and Google Photos to allow you to archive files, save email attachments and back up photos directly to Drive. If you need, you can also purchase a larger cloud storage plan based on your needs.

LINK | Website | iOS | Android

Box – 10 GB

Box another of the free cloud storage services that offers 10 GB of storage space, mainly for business use. It is however also used by private users. Box, in addition to storing files and documents, allows you to easily share and collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners. Thanks to the mobile app, Box lets you share files securely. Moreover with the app you can also create, edit and review documents with other users in real time wherever you are on any device.

You can easily search documents and synchronize desktop computer, website and mobile content with Box Sync.

Box guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of your files with encryption of content in transit and in archive, thanks to the possibility of creating cryptographic keys managed by the customer.

The "Personal" plan is the one that provides 10 GB of free space, but with some limitations such as the upload limit for files that cannot exceed 250 MB.

LINK | Website | iOS | Android

In addition to these free cloud services, there are many others, also very well known like DropBox, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, but these have a limited free space with a maximum of 5GB. In this article we wanted to highlight the free cloud storage services with storage space of at least 10GB. Read this guide too.