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Closes Zune. Did anyone remember it?

Closes Zune. Did anyone remember it?

Microsoft announces that what's left of its MP3 players will be shut down in November: the story of an announced fail

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft has decided to shut down the Zune brand. The most likely reactions are What? " or But did it still exist? Yes, because whoever remembers this name knows what it was like one of Microsoft's hideous attempts to imitate a successful brand and product, liPod. We doubt that anyone will regret it or complain about his disappearance, as happened when Apple withdrew the Classic, the last heir of its music player with the wheel, from the shelves.

Let's go in order: the November 15 Microsoft will shut down what remains of the brand, or the Zune services, a music streaming and download platform for your music players. What remains of the subscriptions will be transferred to the Groove Music Pass service. However, the Zune devices will continue to work, reads in a laconic post of a few lines, published in the Microsoft support pages.

Yeah, MP3 players – gliZune, were and wanted to be the rivals of the iPod. They went out of production in 2011, but no one noticed. Already in 2008 this scene of Josh Schwartz's Chuck (the creator of The O.C.) had not gone unnoticed. The protagonist, a nerd grappling with espionage issues, has to solve playing a video game. Lenigma can be solved by a song. I have it on the Zune. Naah, I'm kidding.

The Zune had been launched only two years earlier, in 2006, in an attempt to respond to a success that at that point was already overwhelming, that of the iPod, launched in 2001. Apple's digital player had in fact created a new mass market, the one for MP3 players. At the debut of the Zune, some positive reviews, but also of the sensational gaffes, when, at midnight on December 31, many first generation models crashed due to a programming error in the internal calendar. The latest model, the fourth generation, was released on the market in 2010. the year before it was worth just 2% of the mp3 player market.

To tell the truth, Microsoft attempted some innovative solutions for the launch, focusing on the "social" dimension: the owners of Zune could lend their music from player to player, wireless: those who received the songs could listen to them three times.

But, rivedendole, The timing was a failure to be announced. 5 years of delay on the iPod was too long to fill. A few months after the launch of the Zune, in January 2007, Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, which immediately became the new model of music player: touch screen and integrated into the phone. Pure readers have had a small revival in recent times – with the Pono, high-fidelity readers, and the return of the Walkman brand. But the Zune brand had been unrecoverable for years, even for a nerd like Chuck.


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