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Clearer energy efficiency labels since 2021

Etichette efficenza energetica

To make energy efficiency labels more understandable for consumers and to help them make more informed purchasing choices, the European Commission has prepared new labeling methods for dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryers, refrigerators, lamps, electronic screens, including televisions, and refrigeration appliances with direct sales function.

"Energy efficiency first", explains the Commission, an essential principle of the Energy Union strategy, an effective way to reduce emissions, save consumers and decrease the EU's dependence on imports of fossil fuels.

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Twenty years after its introduction, the success of energy labeling has favored the development of increasingly energy-efficient products, but the current labeling system has become too complex.

In 2017, the EU adopted clearer rules on energy labeling, moving from the current scale that goes from A +++ to G to a scale from A to G, which is simpler and more understandable for consumers. For example, a product classified A +++ could become class B according to the new scale, while continuing to consume the same amount of energy. These changes will provide more space for the upper classes to market more energy efficient models.

These new labels will be used in stores and online from March 1, 2021. More details on the DG Energy website. The technical memo is located at this address.