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Clean and free Facebook memory on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Clean and free Facebook memory on iPhone, iPod and iPad


Facebook takes up too much space on iPhone, iPod, iPad: how to free iPhone memory by deleting the files left by Facebook

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Maybe you've never noticed, maybe yes, but in any case, good to know: the Facebook application takes up a lot of space on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

But how can such a simple program take up so much space on the iPhone, iPod and iPad? Simple: Facebook caches all the photos you view and upload to the social network. Over time, of course, this cache increases and slowly goes to completely fill the internal memory of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Many of my friends who have an iPhone, especially those who have iPhones with only 16GB of internal memory, often write to me telling me that they have run out of space on the iPhone. They tell me that they have no songs, that they have few photos and that they have no games. or heavy programs, so I understand immediately that the Facebook problem, which has slowly filled the internal space of their iPhone (but the same goes for iPod and iPad too).

therefore, if you also have the problem that Facebook fills the memory of your iPhone and you need to free up space and internal memory, you are in the right place. In this guide, in fact, we are going to see together how to empty the cache of Facebook on iPhone, iPod and iPad to free up memory on your Apple devices and delete all those files of Facebook that are not strictly necessary.

First of all let's make sure that the out of memory problem on iPhone, iPod and iPad is related to Facebook. Is this exactly the program that takes up space on your device? To find out, go to Settings / General / Usage and check how much space Facebook occupies.

Normally Facebook should occupy from 50 to 100MB, but I have seen iPhone of friends whereFacebook occupied 5GB (people who used littleFacebook to rule eheh). Anyway, now that we have identified the culprit of the exhausted space on the iPhone, let's see how to solve the problem.

ATTENTION: the next step is to delete Facebook from iPhone, iPod and iPad. Be sure to remember your login information to the Facebook and Apple App Store, otherwise you will no longer be able to download Facebook and log in to the social network.

From the previous menu, you need to click on the word "Facebook" and, in the screen that opens, you have to press "Delete App".

At this point the diFacebook application will be deleted and removed from your iPhone, iPod and iPad: in this way all the diFacebook data, including the cache, will be deleted forever and, as if by magic, the space on your device will increase. You have successfully freed the internal memory and deleted all the files of the Facebook.

Now you need to go to the Apple App Store, search for the Facebook app and download it.

To conclude, let's go back to Settings / General / Use: as if by magic, we will notice that the space occupied by the Facebook has decreased significantly; maybe not all the Facebook files have been deleted, but let's say that you have recovered a good 80-90% of the space that was previously occupied unnecessarily by Facebook.

Finally, I report that this procedure works on many other applications, at least 80% of those on the App Store or in any case with all those that save cached data. The more you use an app, the more it caches data and the more space is occupied on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Healthy cleaning never hurts to free up space and internal memory.

I'd say everything. We have seen together how to free up space on iPhone, iPod and iPad and how to increase the internal memory of iPhone, iPod and iPad by completely clearing the cache of Facebook and eliminating all unnecessary files left by Facebook.

Try it yourself and let me know if you need a hand.

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