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Class actions against Apple for iPhone reception problems

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Numerous complaints and at least three class actions have been filed in the United States against Apple for the problems of receiving iPhone 4. For the moment the largest class action has 11 users and has been filed with the Oakland court, while the other two class actions there are only one plaintiff at the moment and have been initiated in Maryland and Texas. The list of violations attributed to Cupertino is rather nourishing and worrying: violation of the Federal Communications Act, negligence, design defect, violation of the guarantee, false declarations, fraud, concealment, unfair commercial practices and much more.

As now known to any Apple enthusiast, or even to those who only occasionally follow the news in the world of Apple, the class actions refer to the reception problems encountered with iPhone 4 when the user holds the phone at the bottom. In particular, there may be worsening reception until the connection is lost when the user's hand acts as a bridge between the two antennas, the larger GSM / UMTS one on the right edge and the BT, Wi-Fi and GPS one positioned on the left side. The news of the first legal proceedings launched against Cupertino was reported by AppleInsider. The cut of the class actions is evident from some paragraphs taken from the legal documents:

"The defendants failed to provide support for iPhone 4 customers in assisting with this defect. Consumers are offered three options: hold their phones clumsily or unnaturally, return their smartphones and pay 10% as a return fee or purchase Apple's Bumper cases which can somehow reduce the defects of the iPhone 4, at the price $ 29.99, in addition to the price already paid for the phone itself. "

Another class action involves not only Apple but also AT&T, the operator is here considered Cupertino partner as regards the design, construction and marketing of iPhone 4: "iPhone 4 manifests design and manufacturing defects that were known to all "accused before the release and that have not been communicated to consumers, that is a connection problem caused by the configuration of the iPhone 4 antenna which makes it difficult or impossible to maintain the connection with the AT&T network".