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Civilization 3, all in Italian

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Good news for all Civilization 3 fans.

The game, perhaps one of the most popular, as well as long-lived, in the field of strategy, can now be played enjoying entirely captions and dialog boxes in our language.

When it comes to localized games, almost always, the merit of Luciano Pecorella who has continued, for years now, a tireless translation of the most popular titles.

“Version 1.0 of the location of Civilization 3 – explains Luciano – was one of the most demanding projects ever made so far, with its more than 14 thousand text strings to be translated and completely upset the Civ 3 game experience, which now it will be understandable and much more fun than ever. Civ 3 deserved to be played in our language and we are really satisfied with the big sacrifice made to translate it. "

Location, unlike the previous version, works correctly with the game's 1.21g update.

To download the update patch, just over 800Kb in size, just point your browser to the following Internet address