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Citrix Receiver, centralized application distribution

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Citrix Receiver, centralized application distribution –

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Citrix Receiver a client software that allows you to make virtual desktops and applications available. By installing Receiver on the Mac, you can safely distribute applications from one XenApp Server to other users, simplifying the distribution and update procedures. The client opens the browser and downloads and installs the receiver software, at the end of the installation, the user name of the domain and password will be indicated and in a few minutes they will be automatically installed on the computer (in a folder called “App Service Center "), without the need for any end user interaction. Applications can be started as normal and interact with them as if they were actually installed on the final computer. Windows applications will appear on the Mac as if they were native Mac applications. Windows applications can also be dragged to the dock.

The system allows companies to switch from the situation of a user with a new computer or a new laptop to that of a user fully equipped with all desktop applications and ready for use (the whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes). Once Receiver is installed, the user is always updated with the latest versions of client software and plug-ins. This occurs automatically based on the policies established by the IT administration and based on user preferences.

The application makes it easier to work anywhere, in the same way, in the office, on the road or at home. Just connect and operate. The system also optimizes IT administrators and allows you to easily and quickly provide new software or updates without the complexity of box shipments or other distributions, reducing management costs.

The company also announced that it will make the product available for the iPad.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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