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Circle with Disney, Netgear's parental control is on another level

Circle with Disney, Netgear's parental control is on another level

Generation Z, i.e. those born after 1995, regularly surfs the web and the percentage of active users on the net reaches 80% in the 11 to 15 year old range, even reaching more than 90% between 16 and 20 years .

Network devices and new online communication methods are therefore an integral part of daily life especially for them, who often approach content with language dictated by the young and exposing themselves to the risks that the network hides.

Precisely for this reason, the parent has a key role in managing the online content with which the children come into contact. Circle with Disney developed by Netgear offers the solution to this problem with a parental control system that has the purpose of securing surfing the net for the little ones.

Circle with Disney, Netgear's parental control of another level

The challenge is to find the right balance between giving your children the opportunity to surf the net freely and assist and educate them, avoiding over-protecting them and denying them the benefits of the network.

Prohibiting access to the network perhaps not the right solution and, while the parent-child dialogue remains always important, it is essential that parents can rely on Parental Control systems that prevent any type of inconvenience and make the online experience of the little ones a daily moment safe and secure.

What and how it works

As we said Circle with Disney by Netgear allows families to manage their children's content and online time on any connected device. It is a Parental Control technology that specifically allows you to monitor devices connected to the network at any time.

Circle with Disney, Netgear's parental control of another level

Compared to traditional Parental Controls, Circle with Disney integrates additional features such as the ability to view your browsing history to check what sites are consulted or how the various social networks are used. It also allows you to set time limits for navigation, which is thus interrupted once the set time has passed.

Subscribing to a Premium plan adds up Circle Go, with which you can monitor your children's devices even when they are not connected to the home network or when using a 4G LTE connection.

Compatible devices

At the moment the routers supported by Circle with Netgear's Disney are: