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Chuck Norris: a lot of beating and irony on the iPhone / touch

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Chuck Norris: a lot of beating and irony on iPhone / touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Chuck Norris does not wear a watch: he who decides what time it is" or "Chuck Norris was only wrong once: when he thought he had made a mistake". It is these memorable phrases and several unmissable dialogues scattered throughout Chuck Norris Bring on the Pain that enrich the title with a strong charge of irony and that together with the frenetic game action push to continue playing to see what happens next, but also what to say after our super tough hero.

With the virtual joypad on the left and two buttons to fight and jump to the right, we have everything we need to beat the bad guys on duty in the Cambodian jungle, in the inevitable Texan ranch to end up on the streets of New York. In addition to combos to cause maximum damage, we can exploit barrels and various objects, of course different weapons and even destroy part of the scenarios for our maximum satisfaction. In the hunt for bad guys Chuck Norris can also use cars, helicopters and everything that happens within range to reach the goal.

It is impossible to forget the function that allows you to associate the face of friends and acquaintances with the bad guys within the game. With iPhone, just take a photo on the fly and then have fun machine-gunning and punching. Chuck Norris: Bring on The Pain available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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