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Christmas lights are “designed” with iPhone and Android: Twinkly smart set on sale from 39.99 euros

Christmas lights are “designed” with iPhone and Android: Twinkly smart set on sale from 39.99 euros

Do you want to decorate your home, perhaps at the last moment, but in time for Christmas lunch or New Year's Eve dinner and amaze friends "with special effects" as they once said? Go to Amazon and take a discount, thanks to our code, the "coolest" lights of recent years: the Twinkly, an excellent innovation born in Italy that brings together a tradition, that of decorations, with smartphone technology.

Twinkly are the most technological Christmas lights that exist. The heart of the solution is a Wi-Fi transmitter that allows both direct control from your smartphone and linking to the home wireless network in order to also interact from another room. Thanks to the smartphone (iOS or Android) you can instantly choose the effect you like and above all literally draw it on the screen with the geometries, colors and animations you prefer.

Of course, even those you find on the market have selectable effects or are able to alternate one after the other but none programmable and customizable like Twinkly. The version of this year, evolution of that of last year, comes in three different versions suitable for trees of any size and above all modular and synchronizable. Basically you can combine multiple Twinkly Christmas lights and create beautiful combined effects.

The novelty of the 2017 models like the one on offer lies in the enhanced software, able to work best with multiple strings of lights in the chain or in synchronous. This digrouping function allows, through different ways, to increase the length of the string and to amplify its effect. In addition, the developers will find a gift under the tree: a dedicated section, thanks to which in a private area of ​​the site it is possible to intervene directly on the LED programming code to create even more personalized animations.

The model on offer suitable for small trees about one meter high, table trees rather than from the ground or to extend the basic model of last year or one of the other longer versions. Normally they cost 50 euros in the 56 LED version, but with our codeMACITYXM save 10 euros and buy at a discount of only 39.99 euros including shipping. The version with 110 LEDs, richer and more scenic if you have a large tree or a large house, costs 69.99, but using our code you pay it 55.99 euros.

If you order today, get the lights on Tuesday or Wednesday, then you are still in time to decorate our house for Christmas.

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