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Choetech Type-C to HDMI cable review, also with power supply loop

The spread of Macs with Type-C ports has brought interesting perspectives from the point of view of performance and flexibility, given the power of this technology, but also some concerns. Among them, how to connect a computer to a TV or a display, a need that is also very common but which in some cases presents problems due to technical difficulties and the not very wide availability of accessories of this type. , among others Choetech with a couple of products that we have had the opportunity to test these days: a Type-C cable on HDMI and a Type-C cable on HDMI but with a power supply socket.

The packages of the two Type-C cables on HDMI by ChoetechThe packages of the two Type-C cables on HDMI by Choetech

Both cables perform the same basic function: connect a Mac (or a PC) to a device with HDMI input. The first of the two cables, rather common, although at the moment much less common than a standard cable, the second represents the ideal solution for those who have a MacBook 12 ″ Retina, but not only, as we will see.

The description in the first case is also quite superfluous: just connect the cable on one side to the computer and on the other to the TV or monitor and the game is done. We have, in fact, not had the slightest problem; the TV recognized the computer immediately and presented the images from the first attempt.

The second cable, on the other hand, is more interesting precisely because it can also be used to power the machine. The secret of this accessory is the Type-C port that we find next to the HDMI plug; here we can in fact connect a power supply, using a Type-C cable, to supply power to the computer. The immediately intuitive advantage: not having to occupy a different port to keep the Mac up and running. This in some cases, as for the MacPro, a significant logistical advantage, in other cases makes a difference in substance.

Type-C cable with power inputType-C cable with power input

We think, for example, of the case of a MacBook 12 ″ Retina that has only one HDMI port. In this case, to connect the Mac to the TV for a film or a projector for a demonstration, we will necessarily have to resort to a Hub or resign ourselves to end viewing or presentation when the battery runs out.We underline that there are also numerous smartphones with Type-ports. C. And in this case too, the same goes for the MacBook 12 ″ Retina: if you want to use your phone to watch a movie on a TV, you may not have many alternatives to a cable like this.

The maximum transmission power of 60W, enough to operate and recharge, without problems not only a phone but also a MacBook 12 "Retina (which requires less than 30W) and a latest generation MacBook 13". As for the 15 ″ MacBook Pro, 80W would be needed, but 60W is still enough to keep the computer running without draining the battery and to recharge it, even if more slowly than the power supply performance that you find in its box.

Functional differences aside, the two cables are known to be both well constructed. The plastics of the coating are of high quality, the connectors well made. Those of the Type-C socket cable with through-feed are also made of metal. The ideal length: 1.8 meters, in the package there is also a velcro strap to roll up and keep in order of two cables.

Type-C connectors are very well builtType-C connectors are very well built

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good cable to connect your Mac or a computer with Type-C with a very affordable cost, both Choetech products are worth considering. If you need a system to power a Mac or a phone without resorting to complicated and expensive combinations, then the model with Type-C input is the most rational solution and probably also one of the few that gives you this possibility

The cable with power port costs 19.99 euros

The cable without two power supply port costs 14.99 euros