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China: man arrested with 94 iPhones attached

China: man arrested with 94 iPhones attached


China, smuggler arrested: he had 94 iPhones attached to the body with adhesive tape

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What would you be willing to do to earn some money? A man in China has decided to try the impossible: to cross the Chinese border by covering his iPhone body, in order to illegally resell them on the black market to bring home some money. But it went badly, very badly.

As we anticipated, a man was arrested on the Chinese border to have attempted to enter China with 94 iPhones hidden on his body. Yes, you got it right: it was totally covered by Apple smartphones that had been tied around the chest, thighs, calves and hips with scotch tape. Let's say it wasn't a really ingenious method and the guards didn't take long to find out.

The "device trafficker" intended to transport the devices (which had been stolen) to China and resell themillegally, although these smartphones are currently legally available in the country's Apple Stores.

As you can see, all the devices were iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, smartphone that now they were kidnapped and held in custody by Chinese officers, while the man was most likely arrested will be reported for contraband.

Although true that the so-called smartphone armor " a technique widely used by traffickers who attempt to illegally introduce smartphones into the country, this man perhaps exaggerated: 94 smartphones linked to the body with scotch tape are many, too many, and obviously the body and movements have been affected, so that for the guards were not difficult to become suspicious and control the man, discovering the 94 iPhones attached to the body.

Now the man will have to answer for the crime before the Chinese authorities, while iPhones will probably be returned to the country of origin, but the owners to whom the smartphones had been stolen will hardly be able to review their devices.

We remember that the man faces a fine of two million dollars and up to seven years in prison.Not really a genius, let's face it. Also because lost or stolen iPhones that are locked become completely unusable, so who was hoping to sell them to?


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