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Chimera 0.4: enthusiasm grows

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The development of Chimera continues, recently arrived at version 0.4.0, which, from now, creates an entire folder dedicated to it (similar to the behavior of Netscape) in which it retains data relating to cookies, history, preferences and bookmarks . All in the folder "~ / Library / Application Support / Chimera", while previously it was expected to draw on Mozilla information. In this release, among the many bugs eliminated, the annoying one related to downloading files is also resolved by clicking on it, now starts regularly, and also the bar indicating the progress of the application finally working. From the context menu now activates the "copy link location" option, which was previously beautifully ignored. A download manager on the style of competing browsers is missing, but we fear that an implementation of this kind risks distorting the original project of slenderness and essentiality. The preferences are enriched with a "privacy" item, which groups together both the options on cookies, and the enabling of Java and JavaScript and a control on the cache on disk.

Unfortunately, during the course of tests carried out, with some reference sites, Chimera is still sensitive to the most sophisticated HTML pages. Programming that deviates from the standard code continues to put it in crisis by closing it unexpectedly, and in spite of what the author claims, who claims to have worked a lot on the stability side. The speed of rendering the pages between higher, competing almost on par with the Mozilla missile. For some anomalous reason, then, the bookmark import operation, which before was successful, now encounters insurmountable difficulties, not actually being carried out by the program.

Probably terrified by the costs of managing the web spaces on "dot mac", the project managers thought of moving the more than 7 MB of the software from the iDisk where it previously resided, to the Mozilla Organization's FTP servers, and from there it can be taken.

The enthusiasm created around this browser, so high as to have concentrated opinions and discussions in an electronic round table: "Chimera Board" which collects announcements on new releases, bugfixes and patches, valuable indications.

A lean, clean and efficient browser: will version 1.0 be a promise or a chimera?